walking is one of the first things we learn to do, physically, apart from sucking our toes and drooling (those are cool too). But then we just plateau out, no next level, unless you start running. Then, this becomes awesome all over again, because it gets complicated: you have to work on your timing, breathing, and be as efficient and excellent as possible.

are our bodies like batteries, when we drain them 100% too much do they get weaker and can’t have a full charge? I think there’s some balance of input/output/gain happening where each time you get better and stronger, though if you 110% out too much, you may explode, and your cell’s insides come out: bad.

lean and agile, our bodies operate better, more effeciently when we are lean. is that because our conversion from ‘thinking of doing something’ to ‘doing something’ is easier? does this mean that our brains work the same way? but isn’t fatty tissue in the brain good, lazy tissue for storing fuzzy thoughts, refining and getting tougher more efficient, neural pathways strengthened?
or am i just going crazy?
signing off.
start: 12:53
end: 13:25
pines lake

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