Glade master, go get it!!!!

When solitary mountain sliders glide through trees of pealed birch, extra fast, said sliders relation to the human environment is completely altered. Mounted on a board of aspen and maple, which sends quality sliders floating effortlessly and noiselessly over piles of freshly fallen fluff. The fun loving fucker is transformed in a personage of consequence and attractiveness. Mountain Sliders become at once a notable feature of the landscape, drawing the gaze – and best believe it’s the admiring gaze – of all whose eyes are there to see. Fellow humans ignore the slider no longer. Gentle or simple, they all recognize the representative of something novel and remarkable. Sliding becomes the center of universal curiosity and comment. The sliders presence represents a fresh triumph of mind over matter. All creatures who have ever walked wished that they might fly, and here is a flesh-and-blood human who can really hitch wings to his feet. This is the one touch of nature that makes the whole crew kin.

-Karl Kron December 1882 With a little help from bdaly February 2011-

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