life is a street drug

In response to the charlie sheen madness that’s been going on, let me tell you about the drug I’m addicted to: life.

In order for this powerful narcotic to work, you must keep fresh, stay updated and drink plenty of water. With that in mind, this weekend two new mountains were tackled: stowe and jay peak.

First day was at stowe, they had gotten about two feet the week prior… we got a little of the leftovers…the trees were amazing.

Their parks were decent also, with the exception of (and this always happens to me) a couple of the smaller jumps were cut real big, the gaps were reeeally small, and the landings were super steep.. all of that = the ‘oh shit’ factor.. i.e. as i’m traveling forward (over the gap, and approaching the end of the slope of the landing) the ground keeps falling further and further from me, accordion to the chest!

Day two was awesome. Jay’s trees are world renowned, and for a reason. Every turn gave you another glade run.. but cocky, tropical, smelly and i weren’t in the trees for the same path everyone else stomped, we were on the hunt for freshies.

Now, I knew Jay was going to be special because when we arrived at the top of the mountain… I saw this:

the rock at the top of jay's quad

the rock at the top of jay's quad

Revel in the glory of the layer of frost on top of the rock looked amazing, funkalicious was upset she didn’t bring her good camera.
It was all good though, because the God’s saw our challenge (it was raining all day) and let the rain fall on areas we weren’t touching.

where eagles dare

where eagles dare

After slaying Jay, we had a huuuuge meal, as big strong kids do, hit the hot tub at least twice, and faceplanted the bed.
In repayment for our devotion, the snow gods <> were pleased, and fought hard with the slush gods to bring us the fresh feet that fall far from the funky city, meaning these kind of people are happy:

Summerfest 2010 from michal on Vimeo.

I feel like I fought every tree in the forest.
-Dick Delicious

p.s. special shout outs goto:

cocky mccracken
hairy dolly
fat mom
scrumpy mclovin
funkalicious bastard

tropical ditchess
smelly drunk
hellacious chickery
sassy bartholomew
drunk biggins

..if I forgot your name full fault is thrown to the alcohol

p.p.s. the beast, we still have us: I’ll around to tax that this weekend baby!

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