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It’s been almost three weeks since I presented the snow-gods with my challenge. They accepted my challenge, and presented me with new ones. I have been riding the same K2 formula bindings for over 3 years, and got great use out of them. They were responsive but soft, rippable but forgiving.

A new board brings in a new era, and with it, in respect of the beautiful banana lumber, a new pair of bindings. Behold the (re) Union Data bindings:

I'm a Geek and Like Data

I'm a Geek and Like Data

Wow. Let’s break it down.

The backs are made of recycled parts from the Holden clothing line. They seem to be super strong so far. The base plate construction allows for easy changing of foot base (meaning I can quickly adjust the binding to support someone’s foot that is longer than mine). They are very light, and brace my foot very well. They’ve handled super nicely in powder as well as being super responsive and agile in the park.

Get your slide on,

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