Black dimonds and paper coverd trees thats the way for me!

yet another awesome weekend in K-town. More fresh, new features, much fun!!!!! The weekend got underway without incident, there were plenty to follow though, worry not. Melissa and I drove up Friday night got to the house around midnight. Greeted Bob and Jess mid dart game. They came out and graciously helped us carry in the gear and shovel out a spot to park (thanks Jess and Bob). We all then proceeded to liquidation. Plan accomplished and we passed out for our early wake up on Saturday. Pulled up to an extremely crowded K-1 parking lot. No time to complain just time for the shred, and we got on it!! Some nice new trials open a bunch of new lifts and it all needed a little attention. Saturday was awesome and Sunday was even better another powder day on Sunday as we RIP’ed while mother nature thanked us with fresh fluff for our last dozen runs and she made those blacks look much sweeter (YESSSS). The ride home, well not so blessed, but it was well worth the fog, ice, snow, rain and every other diving hazardous that was experienced. We got to ride on fresh snow for the last few hours. Shit that’s enough for me. This weekend, here we come for round next!!!! More snow please!!!!!

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