Pining for pines

It’s only been nineteen days since the season at Killington has finished, and we all have the itch.
So strong is this longing that we’ve been thinking about hiking up a mountain just to shred down:
Mother Killington has shedded her snow coat…

Killington's final days for the season.

Mother Killington emerges from hibernation

Plus rain. We’re not here to talk about what we didn’t do though, but what we DID do, and how awesome the season was. After all, there’s nothing to long for if it wasn’t great.

Snow + Board = FUN

Snow + Board = FUN

Look at all of those smiling faces!  It’s taken a few years of hard work and lots of fun in order to achieve these smiles.

red is for shred

bred to shred

bred to shred

When the rapture happens today, be sure to have your rapture playlist bumping,
stay smiling,

and, rip it to pieces!

~ gnarly charlie

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