Rising Sun

With a lucid dream one often wakes shortly after realizing. Planning on 5:40am wake up, I beat my clock by 20 minutes, the cat by about an hour and the sun by a few minutes. After getting some water it was time to lace up.

Nature is amazing. Living indoors many lose touch with nature through adulthood, sometimes never to return. Think about it, a child in the woods would be ecstatic with the idea of rolling around in the mud. The same thought would turn many adults’ stomachs. Nature will always try to find a way though and reach you. Whether it’s that tirade of ants preceded by a brave scout, or the sounds of birds chirping at dawn.

In my case, nature manifested itself as a turtle
Always find a friend in #nature.  Met tim this morning on the... on Twitpic

Why on my run I stopped at that moment to see Tim I don’t know, but he’s a friend that I hope to hang out with again soon.

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