Nature is the ultimate ripper

Wether you’re ripping up, down, left or right, nature has you beat.
I’ve recently gotten into climbing and I am so grateful to those who took me on my first excursion and those who have kept me through it: you rock. Climbing is a lot of fun and there are many different types of climbs. One of the most gnarly types of climbing techniques is the Dyno (for bouldering) and it’s comparable counterpart, Swinging (for top roping) (holy crap)

Dyno Climbing

King Swing

I’m no mountain goat yet, but these people are close. Although, a mountain goat can’t swing, they can sure shred the rocks. Our closest relatives, the bonobos and chimpanzees are sure some swinging shredding suckers! Then, in another element altogether, take for example the badass ‘fox shark’, more commonly known as the thresher shark:

Yesir the Thresher

Rrrrrripping it, in the face of adversity!

Point is, nature’s been doing gnarly things like this throughout the ages, and we can learn from all of them. After all, we ARE nature. Since we have the power to forge our bodies and minds as we please, what better examples are there to take than our genesis.

What I’m really trying to say is have fun, rip it!


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