Two dimonds and a frozen nose

Its Monday Kids. Monday of a short week, that ends with Christmas. Well that’s not totally true. It will end on the lift line just like every other week. YESSSSSSS!!!!! Killington was once again super fun. They are getting it done, the sky ship opened phase 2 this weekend and the crew began phase 2 in the new park!!! It was so sick a few to many choices or should I say, a choice for choosing but no choice for no one! hahah I know Bob is with me on that one. Well maybe. It was extra cold this weekend for sure. Well this week is short but next weekend will be long lets get it in!!!! Hopefully we will have snow flakes beyond the sliding door and all will be righteous with the world. Full house for Santa…. Time to party and most importantly shred the gnar!!!!!

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