i got the rain pass

writing in all caps is not okay

recap of past two days: 3am departure up 87, slide sideways for half mile, 360, snow bank deposit on side, clip mile marker drain coolant fluid. in the interest of progress and keeping it moving, we kept it moving… until the car said no.

car said no means at 6am through snowy tundra road we pushed to gas station which is now car’s new home.

8am: taxi to airport pick up rental car and track back north, toyota camry served well all day as we all (crew of 15?) enjoyed an awesome day.

6pm: while en route to return rental car, a caravan of two vehicles up the hollow road BOOM deer jumps onto hood.

within 24 hours two vehicles and one mountain was wrecked.
the deer walked away, his spirit remains as a testament to not shooting yourself in the foot, or jumping in front of a moving vehicle as it were.

plymouth to killington to danby f with shred-day

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