Tips for life

I recently read an article titled “How to be a Badass.” The basic gist of the article was live life by your own terms, conveniently written in 20 points. I put down a few to remind everyone to live each day like a badass.

8. Assess yourself physically. While a badass might not be a body builder, he is always ready for any situation. This means he is physically fit, he can shoot a gun, ride a motorcycle, drive a stick, start a fire, survive in almost any condition, can hold his own in a fight, and is intimidating even to his superiors. If you can’t run a mile or lift 100 lbs, you have a long way to go.

10. Get Badass hobbies. That’s right, more than one, and all super badass. For example, I ride a motorcycle, workout every day, play guitar like a rockstar, make badass movies, and can photoshop any of your pics to make you look like a badass too.

19. Guard your time. A badass protects his time like a father protects his daughter. Spend your time doing only things that are important to you, and if something isn’t, terminate this quickly. This will ensure that you are developing or exercizing your badassness all of the time.

I was reminded of all of these points last weekend when the snow gods blessed us with a day on the slopes in October. We used our time wisely to get in an entire day of shredding the mountain, physically fit after months of running and climbing in preparation for winter. Who celebrates Halloween when you can shred?

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